Could Your Bed Sheets be the Cause of Your Breakouts?

There was a time when I couldn’t have cared less about my skin.  However, when cystic acne decided to attack my face I had no choice but to start caring.    My journey to obtain clear skin was a rocky one.  I had to learn what foods were causing my acne, I had to figure out the perfect regimen for my skin and I had to figure out the things in my environment that were effecting my skin.  

Travel Tip: Using Spare Change to Pay for Trips, and Other Unique Ways to Pay for Travel

Two years ago I was not in the best shape financially, I wasn’t broke broke but I had to start paying my student loans back and it was taking all of my coins.  Even though money was a bit tight,  I still had the itch to travel.  I was working on paying down my student […]